Digital Wayfinding

Uniconnect’s Digital Wayfinder can give you and your customers a responsive and convenient solution.

Interactive Digital Way Finding solutions are great for large and confusing areas. Set aside awkward and frustrating folding maps for our way finders. This solution is specialized to cater to different types of industries.
  • A system specially designed to link to the patient database and print a map to the patient’s rooms
  • Can connect to a scheduling system with large meeting schedule display in the lobby for convention hotels and facilities.
  • Shoppers can type in a brand specific item they are looking for and learn which stores have the product and get directions to the store
  • Key in a flight or destination to find the gate number and a coffee shop you can drop by on the way to the airport.
  • Building management can update the system when a tenant moves in or out instantly
Additional Wayfinding options:
  • Non interactive messaging
  • Integration with your database and maps
  • Path drawing lets you know how to get somewhere from where you are using dynamic paths
  • A simple to use application for updating tenants and rooms.
  • Push to mobile – Once you have your directions you can have them sent to your mobile
Are you ready to experience an easy and effective digital signage solution?