Emergency Messaging

Emergency Messaging

Improve disaster preparedness and safety notification with Emergency Solutions on digital signage for faster communication and response.

Benefits of digital display in and emergency situation include:

  • Reach the hearing impaired
  • Can also be used as a daily messaging system and way-finder to maximize usage.
  • Portable and mobile options
  • Put it indoors and outdoors. From classrooms, hallways, cafeterias to parks and sidewalks.
  • Instant notifications. No sign up required.
  • Receive alert messages directly from local and national sources directly (IPAWS, CMAS, SMS from State and local officials)
  • Positioned where people can see it easily with content that grabs attention
  • Customize messages to be bright and bold, animated with sound to capture viewers and draw more attention
  • Easily add it to other solutions so messages can be sent to multiple mediums like loudspeakers, phones and text message for greater reach and impact.
  • Messages reach people fast
  • Better traffic and crowd control for alerts during major events
  • Regular messages for the public to give them a habit of looking at useful information from the digital signage

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